The Company

Family business established in Burgos, founded in January 1989, also implemented in Belver de Cinca (Huesca)

Hermanos Miguel García, s.l. has over 20 years building his business distribution of fresh fruits and vegetables in wholesale trade.


Since our inception we have been characterized by offering a wide range of horticultural products to meet both the needs of our retail customers (the traditional trade) and those of our customers HORECA (Restaurants and Catering)

Over the years we have specialized in fresh fruit and vegetable distribution to wholesale basis with special emphasis the needs of traditional retail representing 60% of our business, while the other 40% represented by import-export operations and supplies to other markets from our Central Horticultural located in Bajo Cinca (area of high quality production).


The desire to offer the best product and service has led us to be present at all stages of horticultural supply chain, including the production, storage, preservation, packaging, transportation and logistics.

We care about the entire process of logistics, in order to ensure the quality and freshness of our products from collection to final consumption. Our fruit and vegetables always comes time. To this end, our distribution centers have the best team and are endowed with the appropriated tecnology, modern facilities to ensure the cold chain required for each fruit.

This allows us to make daily deliveries in a flexible way to deliver our fruits and vegetables in the best terms.

Our activities, storage, maintenance, standardization and marketing of fresh sweet fruit is in compliance with quality standards UNE-EN-ISO-9002: 1994 as the certificate issued on 30 October 2000 by LGAI Certification Center with the number EC-557/2/2000

Our distribution centers

We have the following distribution centers:

Distribution Central in Mercaburgos

We develop our activity in the post 4 and 5 located in Mercaburgos ( Villafría ).

In this market (market reforms in the year 2008) have zones 4 and 5 and have an area 400 m 2 distributed as follows:


Completely panelized and refrigerated areas will keep the temperature between 4 and 8 degrees.

Includes cold storage for daily maintenance between 2 and 4 degrees, plus two refrigerators, one wetted for vegetables and other, dry, for bananas and tropical fruits.

Loading and unloading docks, administrative facilities, elements of internal and external transport, miscellaneous tools, etc., all perfectly designed for the objectives of the Central Distribution.


This Central distributes and markets its products to the city of Burgos and province as well as neighboring provinces.

Horticultural center in Huesca

Located in Belver de Cinca (Ctra. Nacional A-1234, Km 22), in the province of Huesca. Built in 1998, expanded in 2009, covers an area of 4,300 m 2 distributed as follows:


12 environmental chambers with an area of 2,000 m2 and capacity for 2,000 tons of fresh fruit.

Equipment selection, sizing, sorting and packaging of fresh fruit.

We've built washing machines and non-contact brushing peach and labeling machines for each piece of fruit.

Loading and unloading docks, administrative facilities, canteens and changing rooms for personnel, elements of internal and external transport, miscellaneous tools, etc., All adjusted to the size of Central.


This Central distribute its products throughout the country (especially northern and Mediterranean coast) and European Union countries (France, Holland, Germany and Italy).

Central Horticulture in Burgos

Located in Centro Industrial Río Pico, La Bureba street in Burgos.


It consists of five buildings attached to house the sorting and packaging machines and refrigerators in conservation with a floor area of 4.781,57 m2.

Includes seven refrigerators inside the ships, with a unit area of 49.50 m2, an internal free height of 7.50 m and a volume of 371.25 m 3.

Excellent communications, a few meters from the National I and three minutes from Burgos airport.


The scope of these facilities in Burgos is the European Union, large distribution centers and the area of direct influence that includes the province of Burgos and bordering.

Scope of the entire plant

In the management of the company's procurement delineate the following areas:

  • Peninsula
    • Area greenhouses in Almeria
    • Extra-early fruits of Seville
    • Greenhouse strawberry in Huelva
    • Murcia citrus
    • Huerta murciana
    • Citrus of Valencia
    • Huerta alicantina
    • Areas of Lérida and Tarragona
    • The Baix Cinca in Huesca
    • New production areas in Extremadura
    • Local production in the province of Burgos
    • Lettuce of Medina and Frías (Burgos)
    • Melons and peppers of Castilla - La Mancha and Villaconejos (Madrid)
    • Beans and Padrón peppers
    • Walnuts and chestnuts from Galicia and Navarra

  • Outside Peninsula
    • France
    • Germany
    • Switzerland
    • Italy